Corporate Structure


Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation (CHPC) is the holding company of Cirtek Electronics Corporation (CEC) and Cirtek Electronics International Corporation (CEIC).  Through its subsidiaries, the Company is primarily engaged in two major activities: (1) providing full service/turnkey solutions including wafer probing, wafer back grinding, assembly, and packaging and final testing of semiconductor devices, and (2) offering complete manufacturing solutions for value-added, highly integrated radio frequency, microwave and millimeter wave technology products.


CIRTEK is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and was organized as a corporation under the laws of the Philippines on February 10, 2011.

Since 1984, the Company through its subsidiaries has significantly grown its clientele base from only three initial customers, to its current roster of local and international customers. Despite the volatility experienced by the global semiconductor industry, the Company has consistently expanded with a CAGR of 25% in volume produced over the past 10 years. The Company, through its subsidiaries, has consistently maintained profitability in its operation, even during periods when the macro-economic environment dampened demand for computing, communication and consumer electronic products.


The Company believes that this is due to the following:

  • Its dedicated and experienced management team that is directly involved in day-to-day operations and practices collective decision-making ;
  • Its tight monitoring of expenses ;
  • Its continuous re-engineering of manufacturing processes that result in cost reduction initiatives and innovations resulting to diversified product portfolio