The Management Team


The Company’s senior management is composed of highly experienced individuals from various semiconductor and OSAT companies. The Company has over 100 years of combined management and engineering expertise among its senior management.

Cirtek believes that management’s experience is crucial, particularly in dealing with Customers and the day to day operations of the semiconductor manufacturing environment. The Company’s experienced management team understands the nature of OSAT business and Cirtek has consistently been one or the best performing OSAT companies in the Philippines.

The secret to CIRTEK’s success in the industry lies in the forward-looking yet prudent direction of its management team, a lean organizational structure but flexible team and responsive to Customer's need.


Cirtek Electronics Corporation List of Management Team


President   :     Jorge  S.  Aguilar

Chief  Finance  Officer   :     Anthony  S.  Buyawe

VP  -  Engineering  &  Industrial  Management   :     Raul  B.  Santiano

VP  -  Sales  and  Marketing   :     Antonio  S.  Callueng

Quality  Director   :     Naty  M.  Menez

Chief  Operations  Officer   :     Brian  Gregory  T.  Liu