Cirtek launches new generation antennas


Iris Gonzales (The Philippine Star) - May 13, 2020 - 12:00am
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MANILA, Philippines — Technology company Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. is launching a new generation of antennas designed for the rollout of 5G services in the US.

Michael Liu, president of Cirtek subsidiary Quintel USA, said this would help telcos expand their capacity amid growing communications and inter-connectivity demands.

He said there are three primary ways of adding capacity to a network. The first is to acquire a new spectrum. Another is to use spectrum more efficiently and third is to densify the network.

“From an equipment maker’s perspective, large innovations can be achieved in terms of spectrum efficiency and densification in pushing the network envelope through specialized techniques and these are what Quintel’s new product is about,” Liu said.

Quintel said its 12-port dual diplexed antennas have simultaneous independent tilt at 700MHz and 850MHz bands. The independent tilt feature allows managing spectrum license boundary areas in between adjacent cells, state borders or carriers.

“In doing so, it allows network operators strict coverage cut offs translating to efficient radio network and spectrum planning. The precise but dynamic coverage cut off promotes better frequency reuse that leads to network densification, a key enabler for 5G,” the company said yesterday.

Quintel’s dual diplexed antennas are also available in eight-port with sizes of six feet and eight feet lengths, respectively, to accommodate rural, urban and suburban deployments.

The new product line up also improves coverage when antennas are deployed on rooftops that are set back from the rooftop edge.

Cirtek vice president Tony Callueng said the company’s manufacturing capacity would soon increase to 70 percent from 60 percent.

The company has been outsourcing its requirements to contract manufacturers in China to answer for increasing orders yet maintain social distancing within the facility.

“As part of Cirtek’s business continuity and expansion plans, it is in talks with an additional contract manufacturing partner in China as well as qualifying a new Taiwan facility in response to supply chain diversification and business resiliency plans moving forward,” Cirtek said.

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