Cirtek unit unveils 5G antennas


Business Mirror
ByVG Cabuag  -  May 13, 2020


The American unit of Laguna-based Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. has launched its new generation of antennas designed for the national rollout of 5G (fifth generation) services for the telecommunications industry in the Unites States.

Cirtek said in a statement that Quintel USA Inc. has secured a pioneering status with its 12-Port Dual Diplexed Antennas, capable of using the 700 megahertz (MHz) and 850 MHz bands.

“For years, growing communications and interconnectivity demands have burdened telco operators. There are three primary ways of adding capacity to a network. First is acquiring new spectrum. Second is using spectrum more efficiently and third is densifying the network,” said Quintel President Michael Liu.

“Spectrum is a scarce and costly resource which is left between carriers and regulators. From an equipment maker’s perspective, large innovations can be achieved in terms of spectrum efficiency and densification in pushing the network envelope through specialized techniques,” Liu added.

Quintel said its new antennas are also available in eight-port with sizes of 6 feet and 8 feet lengths to accommodate rural, urban and suburban deployments.

These new products improves coverage when antennas are deployed on rooftops to ensure that more radio frequency energy is projected over the rooftop edge than with conventional antennas burden by shadowing leading to poor coverage and dead spots.

Meanwhile, Cirtek said as part of its business continuity and expansion plans, it is in talks with an additional contract manufacturing partner in China as well as qualifying a new Taiwan facility in response to supply chain diversification and business resiliency plans.

“Cirtek’s manufacturing capacity is currently running at 60 percent amid the pandemic. It is expected to run up to 70 percent capacity by the time the Philippine lockdown is lifted to comply with Covid-19 [coronavirus disease 2019]  preventive measures until such time a vaccine is available or herd immunity is achieved,” said Cirtek’s Vice President Tony Callueng.

The company still outsources to contract manufacturers in China, which has fully emerged from the lockdown last March due to Covid-19. The disease first appeared in December last year.

To date, Cirtek, Quintel and its global offices and research and development facilities remain Covid-19 free while in full operation as part of essential industries. 

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