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Investor Relations Program

To further exemplify our company values, Cirtek always circles back to its vision: to become and to remain as the leader in providing innovative, complete, and high-quality total solutions for the market and our business partners. More than that, Cirtek also gives emphasis on executing our vision with responsibility and building trust with customers, employees and shareholders.

Through our Investor Relations Program, we provide regular reports, hold annual and special meetings with stockholders, and ensure that all necessary documents - from the minutes of the meetings to our company policies and articles of incorporation and by-laws - are disclosed to both the investing community and general public, in compliance with the Philippine Stock Exchange, The Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corp., and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Stock Information

As mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines, the company’s annual General Information Sheet (GIS) is readily made available online.

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Press Release

Business Continuity

During a more socially- and ecologically-conscious time, the Cirtek Group recognizes how the image of manufacturing industries is beginning to lose ground. Our company was formed with that risk in mind - as well as the opportunities for optimizing business operations and shareholder values. As such, our aim for innovation-led growth is built on our commitment to sustainability.


Since its inception in the 1980s, Cirtek was built with the aim to be a long-term and sustainable value-generator to the local Philippine semiconductor industry as well as becoming a hallmark of manufacturing excellence to the global market, which it has done. The success and sustainability of the business is rooted in responsibility and commitment to high standards in consistently delivering results to clients, empowering employees and firm corporate governance.

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Board Committee Charters

The Board of Directors (the Board) of Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation is the main decision-making body for all the major financial and business dealings of the company. The Board ensures that the interests of investors and stakeholders are protected - hence the need for committees in audit and risk management, sustainability and compliance, compensation and nomination, and related party transactions.

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