Cirtek to hike output

Jan 17, 2021

Cirtek to hike output

Philippine Star

Iris Gonzales (The Philippine Star )

MANILA, Philippines — Cirtek Electronics Corp will scale up its production and improve revenues starting in the first quarter of the year.

Cirtek vice chairman Jorge Aguilar said the company is fortunate to be in an industry that is about to experience a revolutionary boom.

“We are very excited to take part in creating and shaping a new world as we emerge where technology and communications will be a main driving force as evidenced by this pandemic,” he said.

In a disclosure, Cirtek said it would strengthen production of the so-called Quad Flat No Leads Package (QFN), a package type widely used for high volume products like smart phones, PC and laptops, wireless communication and consumer electronics.

These devices are predicted as major factors that will boost the global semiconductor industry growth for 2021, Cirtek said.

The second major capacity expansion involves a California-based global semiconductor company, focused on high power transistors and modules for high-voltage power conversion applications.

The product is seen increasing efficiency and reliability in energy power systems, electric chargers for electric vehicles, power adapters and inverters.

Both businesses may contribute an additional volume of a production increase by 20 percent.

Quintel USA Inc. is also projected to release a new line of C-Band antenna family early this year following a successful auction in 2020 when the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its latest 5G spectrum for sale making available 280MHz of prime mid-band frequencies in the 3.7-3.98GHz range, a portion of the new 5G C-band.

Moving forward, Quintel is poised to capture the next revolution in telecom and connectivity known as 5G.

“Quintel’s new antenna models will incorporate 5G bands to allow usability of new handsets already equipped with 5G capability while also addressing the inter-modulation distortion challenges associated with multiband communications such as when 5G networks are overlaid over 4G LTE, 3G and 2G infrastructure creating tremendous interference for operators therefore losing capacity, airtime and revenue,” Cirtek said.

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