Press Release - April 15, 2020

Apr 15, 2015

Press Release - April 15, 2020

TECH Press Release

Amidst the global pandemic, Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. through its wholly owned semiconductor arm, Cirtek Electronics Corp, is experiencing a surge in product orders for medical chips supplied to medical equipment end customers globally. In view of the recent manifestation of COVID-19 around the world, it is critical for hospitals to have enough medical equipment to save lives, flatten the curve, prevent further spread of the virus and control the pandemic. According to its Vice Chairman, Mr. Jorge Aguilar, Cirtek is tapped by several of its customers for chips used in medical equipment desperately needed all over the world. Cirtek’s medical chips are used in applications such as ventilators, CT scanners, defibrillators, ultrasounds, blood glucose, thermal scanners and oxygen level monitors. Cirtek is to produce 1 million chips per week for these devices that are in urgent demand which medical practitioners rely on nor can function without key parts manufactured by Cirtek in its Laguna Technopark facility. In line with Cirtek’s social responsibility, it is stepping up beyond its call of duty to exert more effort in curbing down the global pandemic. Cirtek has donated hundreds of thousands worth of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to various hospitals locally. The company remains operational with a work schedule of 24 hours a day 6 days a week to keep up with the pace in global demand. We have the responsibility to prioritize products used in the front lines and do our part in this fight to save lives according to its Vice Chairman. In the background, its telecom base station antenna equipment maker, Quintel USA, Inc. is also experiencing surge in antenna demand as the global lockdown and work from home policies have shifted growth to massive data demand. Cirtek and its subsidiaries worldwide remain COVID-19 free while adhering to local government policies and measures in ensuring business continuity.

Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation(CHPC) is the holding company of Cirtek Electronics Corporation (“CEC”) and Cirtek Electronics International Corporation (“CEIC”), (collectively the “Cirtek Group”). Through its subsidiaries, the Company is primarily engaged in three major activities: (1) design, production and delivery of state of the art base station antenna systems for wireless communication, (2) provide complete manufacturing solutions for value-added, highly integrated radio frequency (“RF”), microwave and millimeterwave technology products, and (3) provide full service/turnkey solutions including wafer probing, wafer back grinding, assembly, packaging and final testing of semiconductor devices. CHPC through its subsidiaries harnesses more than 63 years of combined operating track record. The Company’s products cover a wide range of applications and industries, including communications, consumer electronics, power devices, computing, automotive, and industrial.

CHPC is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange in November 2011 and carries the ticker symbol “TECH".

For investors inquiries, please contact:

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